In the wedding season, you won’t ignore the HSY Bridal dresses collection 2023 which has a full range of traditional and cultural outfits. Hassan Sheheryar Yasin is the name of the Pak fashion industry for 23 years. Yeah, you can’t only see eastern but modern cuts with western dresses as well. we give you a great range of outfits that recently HSY has a launch in the fashion show. In the current year, HSY Bridal Dresses Collection is very popular among customers.
HSY Bridal Dresses collection
HSY Bridal Dresses Collection 2023
HSY Bridal Dresses Collection 2023
After spending years in Pakistan and Asian countries, HSY gathers its team to capture the US and UK and yes it does. HSY Wedding Dresses 2023 is here with full new and charming colors. As you know nowadays the brand name is getting more famous by the customers. That is why HSY aims to give the best quality with 100 pure stuff. Precious has beats used in Pakistani wedding dresses Collections and tilla work gives more value to lehnga. The brand owner has got not only got fame in Pakistani bridal dresses collection but also formal and the party is best than any other.

HSY Bridal Dresses Collection 2023

Here it’s collected for royal brides who want to be superb on their special day with a lot of memories. 1 thing to make a combination with the same necklace one you can order this lehenga at HSY Online Royal blue has the perfect combination for her baraat day butt can also wear it on reception as well. Since when HSY Bridal Dresses Collection comes into the market there is no option to make it for your special day. I think Pakistan has a pretty mature bridal dress collection which is why designers are conscious to give the best. in HSY designs you can one thing that has a wide range along with maximum colors range. it makes it easy when you see different shades in Bridal Dresses. All other brands have their own unique thing that it provides to their valuable customer. HSY bridal wedding Dresses are shown below with the latest Dresses. If you want you to want to confirm the price please leave us a comment on follow us on this website.
HSY Tangerine Bridal
Tangerine bridal dress color is yellow it is a combination of embroidery shirts, dupatta, and lehnga printed creating dupatta gorgeous outlook. Approx price of this article in PKR;600,000
HSY Red silk lehnga bridal dress
Gulabo bridal dress color is red which is the bridal traditional color. The dress is embellished with handwork and an imaginary design. Approx price of this article in PKR;700,000
HSY Red bridal dress
The red bridal dress is a three-piece dress that consists of a dupatta, charka, and gharara. It’s a very beautiful combination. the golden hand fork is fully embellished on it. the front border is decorated with white work. It’s a very attractive bridal dress. Approx price of this article in PKR;600,000
HSY Naulakha bridal dress
Naulakha bridal dress color is plum. Its three-piece suits consist of lehnga, dupatta, and choli. the hand-embroidered work is outstanding and not the same as others. Approx price in PKR;700,000
HSY chiffon rose sarri bridal dress
Chiffon Rose bridal dress consists of a sari black color printed. The orange color wide border is a beauty-increasing factor in it. approx price of this is PKR;500,000

HSY Luxury Pret Bridal Dresses Collection 2023

HSY luxury pret collection 2023 is best for all family events and party wear. Now it’s your choice what is best for you.


western style red gown with covered red upper. The lower gown is fully embroidered with silk thread. It’s a very different touch in fashion. the price is PKR;110,500

HSY Mulberry luxury bridal dress
Purple short gown embroidered with white gold handwork with pure silk sharara price in PKR;95,000
HSY pret common daisy luxury bridal dress
The pret is the combination of pf pink hand-embroidered shirt with pure silk shalwar. Its price is PKR:44,000
HSY Blush pink luxury pret dress
Dust Pink organza jacket which is fully embroidered handwork and printed shirt with pure silk trouser price PKR:54,000

HSY Formal Bridal Dresses Collection 2023

HSY formal dress collection is very precious and antique nowadays. These luxury Bridal dresses also provide you with an impressively new look at any party. Quality fabrics and handmade embroidered work are a sign of the success of HSY. some formal articles are given below which are custom orders made. The order will take 3-5 weeks to deliver.
Maroon color firefly formal dress by HSY Approx price inPKR:350,000
HSY Emerald jacket formal bridal dress
The Emerald jacket floral dress multi in color. This dress consisted of a shirt trousers, and a dupatta Multicolor printed trouser look is outstanding. approx price inPKR:400,000
HSY bornze outfit formal dress
Bronze outfit formal bridal dress includes a shirt and trousers. Its color is grey which is fully embroidered on organza fabrics. Approx price in PKR:450,000
HSY Army green formal bridal dress
Army Green formal bridal dress color is green and tea pink and consist of a gown, trouser, and dupatta it’s fully embroidered on organza fabrics approx price in PKR:400,000

HSY Mohabat Nama Bridal Collection 2023

HSY Mohabbat Nama’s bridal dress collection is the latest collection. these are very luxurious dresses which are designed on the demand of these days fashion. HSY knows what best for the bride’s special day.
Taj Mahal bridal dress color is green this is also the combination of a green embroidered jacket and printed trousers with a dupatta. Approx price of this article in PKR:600,000
HSY Shalimar lehnga bridal dress
Shalimar lehnga’s bridal dress color is red. approx price of this is PKR:700,000
HSY Heer bridal dress
Heer bridal dress color is kaleji. This gown bridal dress is fully embellished with white and gold zari Approx price of this article is PKR;600,000
HSY gulabo bridal dress
Maroon color Gulabo bridal dress is a combination of a Polizia maroon lehenga, blouse, and handmade work dupatta. Approx price of this inPKR:700,000

HSY Zamrei Bridal Collection 2023

Zambia bridal collection is nowadays demanding In the latest fashion. The unique color and fine designing is a signs of this collection
HSY Teal Ocean bridal dress
Teal Ocean bridal dress approx price of this article in PKR:500,000
A multi-color natty dress includes a waistcoat, kurta, and trousers approx price of this article in PKR:500,000
Natty dress bridal dress by HSY
Garnet lehnga with a plain blouse and chiffon jacket approx price inPKR:600,000
HSY black current bridal dress
Black current sharara dupatta bridal dress approx price inPKR:400,000

HSY The Kingdom Bridal Collection 2023

The kingdom is the latest luxury collection in HSY design. These bridal dresses are specially designed on the basis of bridal attend

HSY Malachite bridal dress
The kingdom malachite approx price is  PKR:500,000
A bridal dress russet embellished with quality work and unique design, approx price in PKR:500,000
HSY lambent red bridal dress
The lambent red bridal dress is fully embroidered with precious zari work including dumka and pearls. Approx price of this article in PKR:700,000
HSY Blazing star bridal dress
A traditional style bridal dress in a new look and style. The blazing star bridal dress color is red Approx price is PKR:500,000

HSY 1909 Bridal Collection 2023

HSY 11909 bridal dresses are a sign of quality that is specially designed for bold brides. HSY 1909 collection for that bridal who take keen to entrust in the latest fashion.
HSY Sand dunes bridal dress
Multicolor sand dunes bridal dress approx price PKR:500,000
Rusty pink lehnga, shirt, and dupatta dress approx price PKR:600,000
HSY lvory Gown bridal dress
ivory Gown bridal dress approx price PKR:550,000
HSY fuchsia color bridal dress
Fushia lehnga shirt, and dupatta bridal dress approx price inPKR:600,000.

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